Hi! I'm Jen!

It's Lovely to meet you!


My passions are business, branding, and design of all shapes and sizes, from album covers to workbooks, Instagram to Facebook to websites, packages to packaging, and beyond. 

My passion for digital design started when I was 17 and my band needed flyers, album covers, and a website. My brother hooked me up with Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

After a while, I discovered the world of wedding invitations, and I was solidly hooked! I learned that my favorite thing in the world was working around passionate people working towards a goal (in this case, getting married!), and who is more passionate and excited than a couple about to tie the knot?

The only downside was that (hopefully!) there was a lack of repeat business- once a couple gets married, you definitely don't want to be designing another set of wedding invitations for them! You want them to stay together forever. 

I tried to expand into party invitations and other party-oriented goods, but there just wasn't the passion or dedication in the recipients that thrilled my soul, so that definitely wasn't the direction for me. 

And then I discovered the world of business design, and I was instantly hooked. 

Once again, I found myself in a world of passionate people doing amazing work. A world of infinite possibilities limited only by the will and imagination of the people creating things. A world where things are constantly evolving, improving, and expanding- a world where I could help awesome people express their visions to the world!

For years, I had been learning to market myself, to express myself online, and to create a brand that people could identify with. Of course there was a world of other people trying to do the same thing for their own businesses, and I found myself being asked for advice, ideas, and design by many of them. 

I had found MY PEOPLE!

I am one of the luckiest women on the planet, because I get to work with my favorite people day in and day out. Some days, I am helping my 1-on-1 or group coaching students discover target markets, dig deep into who and what their brand actually is, and learn how to express that to the world in their websites, social media presence and marketing. 

Other days, I am quietly working behind my desk on in a coffee shop on logos, workbooks, ads, or other visuals for unique businesses, just like yours. 

No matter what kind of business, branding, or design help you need- I'm your girl, and I can't wait to get started helping you spread your genius around the globe!

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