Feeling Stuck In Your Business? 3 Steps to Rekindle Your Passion

If you are feeling stuck or like you have lost your direction and drive in your business, these 3 steps will help you rekindle your passion so you can fall in love with your business all over again!

If you are feeling stuck and stale in your business, it probably boils down to one thing- lack of passion.

Remember when you first thought of your business idea? It kept you up at night, it was all you thought about during the day. You would happily burn the candle at both ends so that you could spend just a little bit more time pursuing your amazing idea.

You were going to create something amazing, build something new, change hundreds of lives.

But then… somehow- you can’t put your finger on exactly when it started- things started to sort of… fade.

You don’t fall asleep dreaming about how awesome your business would become tomorrow. You no longer jump out of bed and rush to your studio or to your computer.

And here is the real sign that you have lost your way: you start procrastinating.

Procrastination is the opposite of passion, and it is one of the most obvious signs that you need to fix something in your business.

And what is the number one reason why people procrastinate in their business? FEAR.

What is the number one reason why people procrastinate in their business? FEAR.

Sure, it may seem like, on the outside, that you don’t want to post on social media or write that email newsletter or launch that course this month because you are too busy, or don’t feel like you know the absolute best way to do something so you think you need to spend more time researching, or you just don’t feel like you are “ready yet” (whatever that means).

But really, the underlying cause is almost always that you are afraid or something.

Don’t feel like you have anything interesting to say on social media? Maybe you’re actually playing it small because you are afraid that you are not good enough to help people.

Didn't go live in your group last week? You were perhaps afraid that you’d stumble over your words and people would laugh at you or think you weren’t professional enough to work with.

Didn’t promote your latest blog post? Are you suffering from “Impostor Syndrome,” afraid that people will think you are a big fake who has no business being a coach, influencer, or thought leader?

Looking Our Fears In The Eyes

How do you get rid of these fears, stop procrastinating, and get back to pursuing your passions? I have a 3 step process to help! And while you can just read through the following steps and answer in your head, it would actually help you dive a lot deeper if you took the time to answer in writing.

1) Remember Why You Started Your Business In The First Place

What were the main reasons why you launched your business? Were you passionate about changing the world? Did you love creating things with your hands? Did you have expertise in something and wanted to make your career revolve around that thing?

Maybe you started your business so you could spend more time with your kids, or so that you could travel the world. Perhaps you wanted to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and follow your bliss wherever it led.

What were your reasons why? Write them down.

2) Find The Underlying Fears

If you are reading this article, then somewhere along the way, your passion dimmed and you started to feel stuck, directionless, and maybe even a bit frustrated with everything. You stopped putting yourself out there. You slowed your roll.

Why? Because you got scared.

Now, before you start arguing with me about how fearless you are, and how you just got busy, or the kids got sick, or you lost your favorite writing pen, or whatever excuse you have about why you have been procrastinating and not running as hard as you used to, just stop.

Let’s peek around that defensive wall that comes up whenever we are trying to defend ourselves and just look honestly at what is happening.

Start making a list of every fear you can think of surrounding your business.

Some of your fears will be easy to see. “I’m afraid of failing.” “I’m afraid I’ll sound stupid.” “I’m afraid I’m not pretty enough to make YouTube videos.

But some things might take a bit more digging. So, when you feel like you have exhausted your list, dig a bit deeper by asking yourself “And what else?” and just waiting quietly for more answers.

Maybe you will hear things like “I’m afraid that if I make more money than my partner, they will feel insecure and might leave me,” or “What if I become really successful and this thing takes up way too much of my time and then I’d be no better off than I was at my 9-5,” or “I’m afraid that my audience will find out that I don’t know much about email marketing and then won’t want to use my social media management services.

Repeat this process, over and over, until you can ask “And what else?,” wait a few minutes, and nothing else comes up.

3. Time For Some Truth Hugs

This is important: your subconscious didn’t throw all these fears in your way because it actually wants to believe any of them. It brings up doubt to protect you.

So instead of feeling frustrated or angry with yourself for having your list of fears, you can instead look on them with gratitude. You can appreciate that your subconscious cares so deeply about you that it doesn’t want you to experience the pain of failure and loss. And then you can look at each of the fears you listed, and hit them with a bit of truth.

Start with the first item on your list. Silently thank your subconscious Self for wanting to protect you from that fear, and then ask “but is that really true?”

“Thank you, Self, for wanting to save me from sounding stupid. I really appreciate you looking out for me. But is it true that I’ll say something stupid if I go Live in my Facebook group, and, even if I did say something stupid, would it actually be the end of the world?”

Once you see the truth behind your fears, you can smile at your Self gently, say, “Silly Self! Of course that wouldn’t be the end of the world!” and then give yourself a mental Truth Hug.

Now, the further down you go on your list, the more you’ll have to actually think about your fear.

For instance, the fear that your partner might feel threatened by your success might be real (some people are actually the jealous type). So one of two things can actually be true here: a) your partner is totally cool (why else would you be with them?) and would love to see you be as successful as you possible could, and would be inspired rather than threatened by any success you found, or, b) your partner isn’t cool, which might mean that you have to make either the tough choice of sacrificing your passion to stay with someone who is insecure and jealous or you might have to allow them to walk their own path in life, which may end up diverging from yours if they cannot handle standing in your light.

Now it might be time to Truth Hug yourself a bit. Do you deserve success, happiness, love, and support (hint: the answer is yes!)?

Then it is your job to go out there and do everything in your power to find and create a life that is full of love and passion.

By digging deep, uncovering your fears, and then giving them each a grateful Truth Hug, you are able to move past them and get back to that place where you are pursuing your business for all the reasons you listed in step 1. Don’t be afraid to be open-hearted and pursuing your business because you want to change the world for the better, or because you are absolutely in love with the thing you do in your business.

People feel that kind of energy and want to be around it, so the more you can keep free of fear and instead stay in the pure energy of your passion, the more attractive you will be to your audience, and, as a result, the more successful you will be.

So the next time you find yourself starting to procrastinate, ask yourself what you are afraid of, give it a big ol’ Truth Hug, and then jump right back into pursuing your dreams.

Did this help you? Share what your biggest fears were in the comments!