Journey To Influencer, July 2018 (Month 2)


It's that time again! Time to share my stats and progress with you, and then share lessons learned and my plan for the next 30 days.

For those of you who haven't been keeping track, it is one of my business goals to turn into a social media influencer, and so I have decided to document the process for you, in the hopes that I can help you to grow your social media presence in the most effective and efficient way possible. I just started my new website (and most of the associated social media accounts) around 2.5 weeks ago, so you can follow along from the absolute beginning! You can check out the first post of the series here.

So, without further ado, here are the stats!


- P I N T E R E S T -

This Month: 13.6k monthly viewers
Last Month: 
4.2k monthly viewers
Percent Change: +224% Growth

Yeah... I have no clue why this grew so much. I have done literally nothing on Pinterest, and there really aren't too many interesting things to pin from my website yet, either. So your guess is as good as mine! 

I think this might be one of those cases where all the content I had on there before just continued to be discovered, re-pinned, etc. Moral of the story? Produce content! It keeps working long after your are finished publishing it.


- I N S T A G R A M -

This Month: 274 followers
Last Month: 98 followers
Total Posts: 27

This account is now officially one month old. My main strategy has just been to post every single day and use somewhere between 25-30 hashtags per post. 

I downloaded the app "Followers," and purchased some of the upgrades that give me insights. With this app, I can see who is interacting with my content the most, which of my posts are most popular, and things like that. It also shows me who followed me, and also who then unfollowed me. 

I had been following back almost everyone who followed me, with the exception of people with obviously spammy user names. This is definitely something I plan to change this month, and I will talk to you guys about my ideas a bit later in this post. Let's just say that following back a bunch of random dudes who then start to send you "Hey, beautiful!" and "I just want to talk... why aren't you messaging me back?" gets really old really quick. 

As of this moment, I have not converted my account to a Business account... I have mixed feelings about this, and want to be 100% sure before I make the change. We all know how Facebook ended up going once it got super popular, and we all know who owns Instagram, so....

- F A C E B O O K -

The Group:

This Month: 169 members
Last Month: 166 members

I think I posted twice to this group in the 2.5 weeks since I wrote the original post in this series. Honestly, I just haven't known what to do with it. It is the Mind Her Business group, but my business is no longer called Mind Her Business. But starting a Facebook group under just my name seems pointless, so keeping the Mind Her Business name for just the Facebook group might work... I dunno... I'm still torn about this one. I'm thinking that I might change it to something more festive, to play along with my Pineapple Party theme while still keeping business or entrepreneurship in the name. 

My Business Page

This Month: 3 page likes
Last Month: 2 page likes

Once again, I haven't done much here. I'll talk to you about my plans a bit further down in this post. 

- Y O U T U B E -
(Not Yet Started)

It was my intention to start my YouTube channel by now. I ordered my new camera direct from Canon (a refurbished XL2 body + kit lens + 2 other lenses), and it arrived about a week ago. Unfortunately, there was a flaw in the kit lens, and, rather than letting me keep the body so I could use it with the other 2 lenses I ordered from them, they made me send the body + kit lens back as a package, and so I am still waiting for all of that to come back. Super disappointed about that whole thing... :-( 

- W E B S I T E -

Unique Visitors: 126
Page Views: 252

I didn't track this figures in the original post, but I thought that they might be useful, since one of the goals of becoming and influencer is to grow my blog and website (where I sell things like my courses, coaching packages, branding services, design, and so on).

I'm pretty happy overall with my visitors and pageviews, since I haven't done much promotion since I launched the site a few weeks ago. I had a few things to finish up on the back end, including the newly launched Pineapple Party, but now things should be pretty stable with the site and I can start creating lead magnets, more blog posts, and other nifty features for you. 


Lesson 1- Consistency
I cannot emphasize how important consistency is on social media. There is SO much noise in everyone's lives nowadays... so many voices demanding their attention. If you aren't right there in their face consistently, you are just not going to get noticed. 

They say it takes at least 7 times for someone to hear a message for them to actually remember it- so if you aren't showing up in their feeds over and over and over again, chances are, when they need what you have to offer, they will just go searching on Google rather than looking you up by name. 

Before I converted the business to, I was posting 1x per day in my Facebook group, and it grew by around 70 members in a month without any additional promotion on my part. I'm sure the algorithms in all the different social networks favor the people who show up and put in the work- so be one of those people!

Lesson 2- Have a Goal and a Plan
I started off the month with just the idea that I was going to become a social media influencer. No clear direction on how- mostly because I was busy finishing up everything on my website before I started pushing everything too hard. 

Now that the website is good, I feel much more confident about promoting it as a resource, so now it is time to develop a more solid plan about what kind of content I plan to create, where I will be posting it, and more. 

This is a great time to talk about repurposing content. If you aren't repurposing, then you are coming up with many times more content than you actually need to be, and you are also probably speaking about a lot more topics than your audience has the brain-space to absorb.

Repurposing content is basically creating one epically awesome piece of content, like a how-to video or a long-form blog post, and then putting little pieces of it all over your other social media properties. You can take a little snippet of a juicy part of your video, and post that to Facebook with a link to the whole thing. You could take a quote from your video or blog post, and make it pretty and put it on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You could even rip the audio from one of  your videos and turn it into a podcast. 

So the next time you start to feel overwhelmed when you start to think about a content creation plan, just remember- you really only have to produce, say, one amazing piece of content per week. The rest of the week is all about spreading and amplifying that content. Sounds a lot easier, right?

Lesson 3- Things Always Seem To Take Longer Than You Planned... So Plan On That
It was my goal to have the website finished a bit sooner than I did... but when I made those plans, I didn't take the kiddos' summer break into account (big mistake!). Lesson: don't try to be Superwoman. It's ok to take some time to breathe (and go to the pool with your kids!).  


So my main focus for this month will be growing my Instagram and growing my email list. 

The first thing I will be doing, in reference to my above point about repurposing, will be to sit down tonight and develop a content plan that will focus on 5 different topics, one for each of the 5 weeks this month. I will determine what my core content piece will be, and will then figure out the different ways I will be repurposing it. I will also be developing some extra special content upgrades to go with the core content, like a checklist, workbook, or printable, for all my Pineapple Party People. This will help me with my goal of growing my email list.

You aren't a member of the Pineapple Party? Well, you should be! It is my free membership where is share mini-courses, workshops, printables, and you get all these blog posts a full two weeks before the general public. You can join right here:

Last month, I posted 1x per day to Instagram. This month, starting tomorrow, I will be posting 3x per day. That feels like a lot, but since my goal is to get to 10k followers as quickly as possible, I think it will really help. I am also thinking about starting a second Instagram account, focused on a specific group of female entrepreneurs that I am currently developing a course for, and so I will most likely do the 3x per day posting there too. 

I think that about covers it for this report! As always, I have plenty of other things, including coaching clients, new courses I'm writing, and my graphic design clients that keep me busy- not to mention trying to get the kids out of the house as much as possible so they aren't rotting their games with video games all day long. I will also be traveling this month, so I will just have to be more diligent about planning out my content ahead of time (and we all know how much I love planning... not! We all have skills we need to work on as entrepreneurs, right?).

Leave any questions of comments below, and I will be happy to share anything with you that I might have left out! What are you doing this month to grow your followings? Share below!

Trying to become an #influencer online? I am documenting my process and my progress over on my blog- check it out!   #repurposing #socialmediainfluencer #contentplanning #instagram