Soooo.... Tired.... {Intuitive Goal Setting}

Do you sit down to work on your dream business, but just feel exhausted, unmotivated, guilty, and just plain bleh about it all? You're not alone, and the solution is easier than you think! Have you ever heard of Intuitive Goal Setting?  #goals #goalsetting #business #entrepreneurship #beyourownboss #startabusiness #growabusiness #motivation

You have big dreams- you just know that you're destined for greatness. You have the best idea, you know all the different things you need to do in order to move forward...

...its just that you're sooo... tired!

I don't mean you're tired of all the ads promising 6 figures in 6 months. I don't even mean that you're tired of trying to figure out how to pin your tweet to Instagram....

I mean actually, physically TIRED! 

You've been up since o'dark-thirty, getting yourself ready, the kids ready, the dog fed, the beds made, the lunches packed, going to work (even if you work from home, it's still work!), trying to squeeze in a workout, some reading, and some good, old-fashioned you time.

And now you know you should be sitting down and putting in another 2-3 hours into your dream business... but you just don't feel motivated or excited at all. 

What should be the best part of your day is now starting to become something you dread. What's a girl to do??



That's right... step away from the laptop (I mean, not right this second... finish the article first!). Girl, you need some guilt-free you time, stat! It also sounds like you need a bit of a plan. Let me explain:

First of all, you are no good to anyone else in life if you're no good to yourself. As a female entrepreneur, you are a role model, like it or not. There are so many women out there who dream about doing what you do, and yet they haven't yet found the courage to take that first step yet.

But you did. And after you took that first step, you took another, and another, and now you're here. It doesn't matter if you're making 5 figure months or if you're not even making "check the couch cushions" change yet- the point is, you are actively working towards achieving your dreams. 

So take a second here and congratulate yourself. Just the fact that you are where you are right now puts you in a tiny fraction of the population. The air is rarified up here- breathe it in!

Now, after you exhale, let's get back to figuring this mother out. 

You started this business because you

A) Hated your 9-5
B) Want your time / location freedom
C) Had a huge passion for doing something bigger / more creative / that helped other people / that simply thrilled you to the bone
or D) All of the above.

You didn't start it so that you'd feel overworked, exhausted, and guilty, right? Right!

The problem is, that there are an overwhelming number of things you could be working on in your business right now. Should you be posting something right now on Instagram or Facebook? Should you Tweet about or Pin it to your wall, or both? Should you be starting a daily vlog and blogging, too? There just aren't enough hours in the day!

My solution? It's a little combination of hardcore hustling towards a single metric (90 Day Year style) and a quiet listening to your intuition for guidance that I like to call "Intuitive Goal Setting."

So, you start the same way you've probably started before when it comes to business goals. You sit down, make a list of what you want to accomplish for your business within the next "X" number of days, and then figure out which of the goals is most important to you and your business growth. 

This one thing becomes your main focus. Maybe it is getting 1,000 followers on Instagram. Maybe it is adding 200 names to your email list. Maybe it is something more heartfelt, like "I want to feel the passion I used to feel when I first started this business." 

Whatever it is, that's the goal, and, aside from the type of activities that are required to keep your business afloat, the only thing you do with your time is to work towards accomplishing that one goal. Pretty standard stuff here, right?

But here is where it gets a bit different. You see, I'm all about having goals, but I really hate to-do lists. They feel way to much like rules, and I'm a bit of a rebel. 

Instead of creating a 90 day plan of specific, "must-do" action steps for each and every day, what if you instead did what you wanted to do in each moment towards accomplishing your goal?

Stay with me here. I know that this concept scares you a little bit. "But Jen! If I don't have a to-do list, then I won't do anything!"

Oh really? Then why are you even here? If you are only doing things for your business so that you don't feel guilty for not doing them, then you really need to figure out something else to do. If you are passionate about something, you want to do it- as much as you can, with gusto. 

So, to practice Intuitive Goal Setting, you take your goal, and sit with it in the morning. Grab a pen and paper- you'll need it to catch all the great, inspired ideas you are about to start having!

Close your eyes, and think about your goal. Perhaps mine is to grow my Facebook group to 1,000 people within the next 90 days. Sounds like a bit of a stretch, but Grant Cardone (of 10x fame) says that good goals should be scary, so let's play along. 

Ok, so 1,000 people. Ladies don't participate in Facebook groups because they have cool header graphics or because the name is cool (although these things can definitely help with the initial attraction)- no, they stay because the content is really useful and the community is active, positive, and filled with "their peeps." 

As you can see, the question isn't "How do I grow my community to 1,000 people," but rather "What can I do that would be useful to as many different people as possible, that allows me to play in my zone of fun and genius and also makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves and absolutely amazing?" 

Feels a bit different, right? Rather than being solely about a cold, hard number, it becomes about the real-life people who are actually involved in your goal. 

Remember- you don't have "followers" or "fans" or "subscribers." You have individual people who are giving you their valuable attention. Never forget the people-factor!

Now that you more clearly understand the mechanisms of your goal, it is time to feel into that to find your next step. 

Ask "Ok, if I were trying to create this amazing community of like-minded people that were attracted to the kind of things that I am passionate about, what would I do today?"

Sit there, and allow the inspiration to flow. Write down your ideas- all of them, even the silly ones, even the "bad" ones. Get them out of your head so that you have room for more ideas to start percolating. Let the ideas keep flowing until you run out (or, if you're like me, set yourself a timer. I could think of ideas all day long!). 

Usually, you will know within the core of your being which of the ideas you should move forward with. If you are struggling, ask yourself "Which of the ideas would be the most fun?" or  "Which of the ideas feel the most like something that I would do if I wasn't worried about what other people would think?" 

The more you actually listen to that inner voice- aka, intuition, the easier your business will become. Sure, you'll always have little tasks that bother you (at least until you decide to outsource those, hint, hint...), but the more you can honor who you are in your business, the more motivated you'll feel, the more pleasure you'll feel, the more unique you'll be, and the more you'll attract "your people." 

Try it this week, and see how much more your business just flows!