Step Beating Yourself Up

Do you feel like a #failure in your #business? You're not alone- we all feel like that. Why? Because, honestly, we do fail! Over and over again. The trick is to get back up and brush yourself off and get right back to business.  You can succeed in your business! You can do this!

If you want to be an entrepreneur, get ready to be a failure. And not just a failure once or twice, but a failure over and over and over again. 

In fact, you are probably going to fail way more times than you'll succeed. 

But when you succeed... the rush you feel... the elation... it makes all the blood, sweat, and tears TOTALLY worth it!

We tend to get down on ourselves about the mistakes we make, or how slowly things seem to be moving, or the fact that we don't have as many followers as a Kardashian. But the very fact that you are doing anything at all is something that you should be extremely proud of. 

How many people do you hear talking about starting businesses? And how many of them are actually putting in the early mornings or late nights (or both!) that it takes? 

You are one of the elite few. You are someone who people will look up to for inspiration.

You aren't failing. You are experimenting, and just haven't discovered the right answer quite yet. 

You aren't growing at a snail's pace. You are lightyears ahead of where you were a year or two ago. 

You aren't lagging behind the industry leaders. You are miles ahead of the people behind you who are just getting started. 

So the next time you feel exasperated by the grind, give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack. You are amazing, and you can do this!