"A brand Is So Much More Than A Logo!"

Your Brand is the sensory expression of
everything you and your business
stand for and represent,
systemized in such a way that,
no matter where you are seen or heard,
people instantly recognize you
and your tribe automatically
resonates with you. 

You don't want some overly contrived, arbitrary logo image serving as the face of your brand. You want the perfect logo, fonts, and colors that make all the people feel #allthethings. 

You want to fully understand how to communicate in your brand voice so that you sing the song that your target market is longing to hear- turning you into the Pied Piper of your industry!

You want to create that sense of knowing... of fitting in... of belonging. You want people to see your business and know that you just... Get Them. 

That is the purpose of branding. 

And that is what I want to create for you. 


What the heck is a "Sensory Branding Experience?"

Well, I believe that the more of a person's senses you are able to touch, the easier it will be to establish a strong connection between them and your business. 

The magic of the senses is that they are intimately connected with the emotions. Scientists have even noted that the sense of smell completely bypasses the logical part of the brain during your initial experience with it. That's why smelling something like baking bread or cologne can instantly trigger emotionally charged memories of someone from your past. 

What if you could take advantage of that while you're creating your brand? What if you could touch someone so deeply with the subtle details of your logo, colors, fonts, and words that they instantly felt a sense of "knowing" you, or feel like you just "get them"? 

That is the goal of my Sensory Branding Experience, and I will take you through a carefully crafted process to help you figure out exactly who your target market is- what they like and don't like, what their core desires are, and the kinds of things that already resonate with them. I then work to deeply understand both who you are as a person, and what, exactly, your business creates and - most importantly- why you create it. 

What is your business like? Are you fun? Luxurious? Quirky? 

What do your ideal clients need? Now, more importantly, what do they want? How can you show them that you can deliver both?

I integrate all this information and synthesize it into a unique logo that expresses all this information as succinctly and beautifully as possible. I also create a color palette and font selections and present you with a Brand Usage Guide, so that all your communication matches, no matter where people see or hear it. 

This is the true essence of branding, and that is what you receive when you purchase my Signature Branding Experience. 


What's Included?


  • Logo Design and Development

  • Secondary Logo- a variation of your main logo. For example, if your main logo is rectangular, a secondary version might be your logo reinterpreted as a square or a circle

  • Submark- a super simple, mini logo that can be used as a favicon, or on your social media

  • Brand Colors- so you always appear consistent whenever people see you

  • Patterns & Textures- usually a play on your logo design or brand theme, these patterns can be used as the background of social media images, business cards, book covers, and more!

  • Font Pairing- You don't have to worry about finding fonts that play nicely with each other and with your logo! I find gorgeous fonts that express what you are trying to say, that perfectly compliment and enhance your branding.


AND The Sensory Branding Experience Also Includes:

  • My proprietary Sensory Branding Method. When we start the branding process, I send you a workbook that helps you to show us exactly who your brand is and who you want to share it with. This helps me to design your branding to appeal to just the right people!

  • A minimum of two mood boards that I create for to choose between that help me really fine tune the direction of your branding. Many agencies make you find all your own images for your mood board, but I believe that, as your Branding and Design Expert, it's my job to help you define your vision, and not your job to play show-and-tell with me!

  • Your very own, stunning Brand Style Guide. This .PDF ebook will contain all your Brand Elements, Colors, Recommended Fonts, Patterns, and more! This Style Guide really brings your brand to life. You will see how your new logo and branded messaging look in the context of branded elements such as a branded coffee mug, company t-shirt, stationery, and more. You can also use it to get an idea of the best way to utilize your logo in your future branded content, such as your emails, Instagram posts, etc.


Extra Value!

Additional Included Design Work:

When you purchase the Sensory Branding Experience, you are also entitled to 10 hours of graphic design work to be utilized within 30 days of the completion of your Sensory Branding Experience.

This can be utilized to create everything from business cards, to headers for your website or social media pages, to Instagram posts, to Facebook ads, to workbooks or worksheets for a course you may be creating, to buttons and other elements for your website, to flyers, and beyond. I can accommodate just about any graphic design needs you may have! 

Individuals who have purchased the Sensory Branding Experience are also entitled to discounts on my Graphic Design Retainer Packages. 

Sound good? Let's Talk!

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