Feeling stuck? Like you're just spinning your wheels ? Like you have a million and one AMAZEBALLS ideas, but you never know which one to focus on because you want to do it all?


As a multipotentialite myself, I totally understand that crazy cycle you can get yourself into, where you're trying to do everything all at once, as fast as possible because you are so totally in love with your ideas.

But then another idea sneaks in and starts vying for you attention, or that nagging feeling of "Why would anyone listen to me, though?" starts chipping away at your confidence and enthusiasm, and you are left feeling... Stuck. Again. 

Or maybe you just have so many good ideas, but you don't know which one you should be working on right now. Where do you start so that someday you can start doing All. The. Things.?


1-on-1 Coaching gives us the opportunity to dive in deep, figure out what the next steps are for your business, help you figure out who, exactly, your target market is, where to find them, and how to most effectively communicate with them. We can chat about advertising strategies, social media marketing, effectively packaging your services so you can move out of hourly pricing and into value-based pricing, and so much more! 

My specialties are the startup process, branding, graphic design, marketing, copywriting, unique advertising solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, mindset, overcoming overwhelm and putting dreams into motion. Let's rock this together!

Sound Good? Awesome!

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