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Do you have a dream about creating a course? You shouldn't have to learn all about graphic design, workbook creation, recording, hosting, and all the other tech to do that!  Let me deal with all the back-end stuff. All that is required to work with me is that you know how to get results for people in whatever it is that you are looking to create a course about. 

Sounds good? Awesome! Let's set up a time to chat about it. 

How Is This Different From Every Other Course Creation Program Out There?

I get it- courses have become the status-symbol of every coach or service provider out there. They are held up as one of the the end-all-be-all methods to attaining passive income online. And, if done properly, they are!

So not you want to create one, too. Great! Maybe you've even taken a course about creating courses, or Googled or YouTubed about it for hours. But now, the problem is, you're just overwhelmed by information, and are a bit confused by the tech, and just don't know how to turn this epic program in your head into something tangible for your business.

What makes the Course Co-Creation Experience different from every other course creation offer that I have seen online is that, instead of just telling you what to do, I actually do the process with you. And not just in a "Let's have a phone call once a week where I'll give you advice" kind of way, but in an actual "Let's figure out what will make your course idea actually marketable, outline all the modules, go online and record it together, and then I will design some really cool workbooks for you" way. 


You won't have time to get confused or overwhelmed.

You won't have to spend hours figuring out if your course is even a good idea, wrestling with how to record and edit videos, designing workbooks that look better than a basic Word document, or ripping the audio out of your videos so you can offer an audio version of your course. 

Why? Because I deal with ALL of that!

Sounds Good So Far... What's Included?

  • An initial 60 minute planning call and strategy session, where we discuss your course concept, figure out how you can make it as easy to sell as possible, discuss course length and pricing, and figure out the general content of your course.
  • I will help you conduct a competitor audit, where we will look at what other people are selling in your niche, figure out what is working and not working, analyze what is missing, and also compare pricing, course length, and delivery formats.
  • We will then use the "Wall Method" to deeply understand what makes your ideal customer tick, and we will utilize this information to create the most compelling course possible, making your course as "no-brainer" as possible for your ideal customer. Ca-ching!
  • Next, you give me content for any workbooks or worksheets that you will be utilizing alongside the video portions of the course. I will help you edit it, then I will create the .PDFs for you, so that, as you are presenting your course, you can say things like, "Please stop the video and to the exercise on page 7 of your workbook."
  • Now we will actually start recording your videos (we can also do written or audio-only if you prefer, but video courses tend to be perceived as having a higher value, and can therefore be priced higher). There are two ways we can do this:
  1. We record the course with only you showing on the videos, although you will be able to see me the entire time, and I will be giving you helpful hints and feedback all along the way as we record, or,
  2. We record the course in an "interview" style, with both of us on camera, and me asking you predefined questions that allow you to present all the information that you want to teach in a more conversational manner. 
  • After that, I take all of the video, and edit out any mistakes. 
  • Once we are satisfied with the videos, I will gather all of our course materials together and upload them to your course distribution platform of choice. My favorite is Teachable, but we can also discuss platforms like Wordpress, Thinkific, Clickfunnels, and even password protected areas on Squarespace sites. If the platform you are thinking about using isn't in that list, don't worry. I can most likely utilize whichever program you prefer! 
  • Finally, if you have chosen the "Promotion Package" upgrade, I will help you develop ads for Facebook and/or other social media platforms, help you figure out a strategy to allow affiliates to market your program for you, and can even help you develop sales and email funnels. 

Amazing! So How Much Does This Cost?

Because every course is different, the pricing will vary. But to give you an estimate, a 4 module course (designed to be taken over a 4 week time period) with 30-45 minute videos that includes 10 page workbooks for each module would run $1297 $597 (Beta Program Special Offer- only 3 spots available)


Sound good?

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