Design On Speed-Dial

Graphic Design Retainer Program

Let me be your on-call brand stylist!

I now offer monthly graphic design retainer packages to clients who need beautifully branded marketing and social media collateral, branded ebook and workbook designs, copywriting and editing, merch design, email template designs, opt-in design, and more. You can purchase as little as 5 hours per month, all the way up to 40 hours per week!

By purchasing Retainer Hours, you automatically put your projects at the top of my list, giving you the fastest turnaround I offer. Most projects will be completed within 24 hours (weekdays only- although weekend hours may be arranged with advance notice).

You have the flexibility to use your hours all in one week if you have a big project or launch happening, or space it out so you always have something fresh for your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, or other online or offline uses!

It's like hiring a part- or full-time graphic designer, but you don't have to post a Craigslist ad!

Retainer Pricing

Graphic Design Retainer Hours can use these for anything from workbook and worksheet production, merchandise design, to creating pretty quotes for Instagram or Pinterest, posts for your Facebook, or keeping catalogues or brochures updated with your newest sales and offers, or just about anything else you can think of! 

5 hours / month: $175
10 hours / month: $300 (regularly $350)
5 hours / week: $590 (regularly $700)

10 hours / week: $1120 (regularly $1400)

Custom packages available. 

How much work can be done in an hour?

Great question! It's a bit hard to answer, because it can depend upon the complexity of your project, but here are some estimates for your reference:

  • Workbook (fillable .PDF, text provided to me in fully edited form, few graphics, 20 pages): 3 hours

  • Social media quote graphics, weekly pack of 7 (I supply all quotes and images, hand-selected to coordinate with your brand): 1 hour

  • Graphic for blog post, designed in both square (for thumbnails) and long format (for Pinterest), coordinated to match the content of your blog post (I supply images): 30 min. - 1 hour. If you'd like a few variations for A/B testing on Pinterest, each variation would add an additional 10 minutes once the initial design is completed.

  • Advertisement design, 1/2 page print magazine (I supply images, you supply fully edited text): 1 hour. If copywriting services are required, add an additional hour.

If you have specific design requirements and you'd like an estimate, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will get you a quote as soon as possible!