I help entrepreneurs co-create courses, brand their businesses, and with all their graphic design needs.

 Course Co-Creation

Want to create a course but don’t know where to start? I co-create courses with entrepreneurs! We work together to translate your idea into an amazing course that sells!

You don’t want a course about how to create courses- you want real, actual help putting all the pieces together!

I have helped many entrepreneurs polish their signature courses into something stunning, and I absolutely love the process! That is why I offer my Signature Course Co-Creation Experience. I want to help you translate your expertise into an amazing course that will build your business while helping other people learn something useful. 

And I won’t just be telling you what to do- I’ll be doing each step either with you or for you. 

When we finish our work together, you will have a gorgeous course, custom tailored to meet the most pressing needs of your niche (giving you the greatest opportunity for profit!), with fillable worksheets/workbooks and audio/video modules, set up on the course-hosting platform of your choice. You’ll have a sales page designed to show off all the benefits of your course, and- super important!- you will also have a marketing plan put together. I’ll even create some ad graphics for you! 

Here’s the catch- I only want to work with people who inspire me. I’m not interested in working with people who just want to get rich quick, or make a course that is just a rehash of some PLR junk, or who are in a niche just for the money. I want to work with passionate people who have something important to offer the world. 


I'm Jen,

Business Coach, Branding Expert, and Graphic Designer, dedicated to helping awesomesauce women express their unique talents, grow businesses they love, and serve the world with their gifts.  


Ready to brand your business so that you
instantly connect with your dream clients?

Stop Hiding. Start being you- All Of You!



A brand is more than a Logo.

A brand is everything you do,
everything you are,
and everything you want to share,
summed up in such a way that
Your Perfect Clients Recognize
Themselves In What You Have To Offer.