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How To Use Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly Content Calendars To Grow Your Biz

What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You? Mini-Workshop

Want a sneak-peek into the Business Incubator Experience?
This is Module 0!

Most people understand that their personality, likes, and dislikes can influence everything from what kind of job they would be good at, to what kind of person they should marry, to what kind of city or suburb would be the perfect place for them to live...

So why is it that people don't take their personality into account when they are making one of the most important decisions for their future- What kind of business to start.

This Mini-Workshop helps you learn more about yourself, and then helps you translate that knowledge into the perfect mix or products and/or services. 

Don't make the mistake of starting a business that you will hate. Do this Mini-Workshop and start things off right!


How To Use Content Calendars to Skyrocket Your Business And Free Up Your Time!

Not only do I tell you what a Content Calendar is- but I also teach you how to schedule your content so that it is always pointing your audience towards you end goal for them (buying your product, hiring you for your services, getting on your email list, etc.)!

I also created 5 different content calendars you can use- you can download the fillable and printable versions (in both US letter and A4 sizes) right under the video. 


4 Easy Ways To Create Evergreen Content That
Drives Massive Traffic To Your Website

A 4-Part Training Series Presented
by Jen Cochrane and Jen Williams

Evergreen content, or content that is useful to many people over a long period of time (unlike things like news stories, which become irrelevant quickly), is one of the most useful and important types of content that you can produce for your website, blog, YouTube channel, or Pinterest. The right piece of evergreen content can send new visitors to your website for years!

We will discuss 4 different types of evergreen content, and give you many different ideas about how you can produce your own! I even give you an awesome "List Idea Generator" workbook to help you quickly come up with topics.