Journey To Influencer Report- August 2018

Curious about what it takes to become an #influencer online? I am documenting my journey on a month-to-month basis, sharing what is working and what isn't.  #journeytoinfluencer #socialmedia #influencermarketing

Here we go again! Time has been going so fast that this almost feels like de-ja-vu! 

So this month has been really strange, in that I have been away from home for almost the entire month. We adventured to Reno for the month so that the kids could visit with their grandparents.

I thought that this would mean that I would have more time to focus and work, but things really haven't quite worked out as I envisioned. I was planning to film videos for a new course that I was working on, but there really wasn't anywhere here that made a good background (the furniture does not match my aesthetic, and there were no walls that had nothing on them. Even outside was just desert and sagebrush- not quite the vibe I was hoping to set for my course!), so I postponed that. 

Now I think I will delay that course even further, because it's just about the time of year that I start promoting my Black Friday Ready program that helps people get their businesses all ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos, in addition to figuring out their general sales strategy for the upcoming holiday season. 

So, without further ado, the numbers for the month!


So, a few things to note:

1) Pinterest

My Pinterest numbers were way down, but last month they were way up, so it seems like that whole thing was kinda a fluke. I can't remember pinning more than 2-3 things to my Pinterest boards last month, and I definitely didn't do anything in Tailwind (mostly because, as you see from the last number on the chart above, I didn't really blog!).

I'm not too worried about this one. The only thing I need to do here is to delete a bunch of old pins that reference my old blog. 

2) Instagram

OMG- I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram right now... Throughout the month, this number got as high as about 350, but then went down to right about where I started. 

I need to rethink my Instagram strategy again... 

I told you last month that I was planning to post 3x per day, which I did for a while, but really all I was posting was quotes. Don't get me wrong, I love me some quotes, but that shouldn't be all that I'm sharing. I did do some "micro blogs" along with the quotes, but unless you took the time to read the caption of the photo, you wouldn't see those micro blogs, so it started to feel a bit... pointless.

That, coupled with the fact that I wasn't home and just felt a bit out of my element meant that by the end of the month, I wasn't posting much at all. This is definitely something you should not do! Being consistent in your social media is about the most important thing you can do, so make sure that you set realistic goals, and then stick to them. 

I struggle with feeling narcissistic about posting pics of myself on Instagram. I'm not trying to be a style blogger, I'm not a fitness model... so do I really need to post pics of myself? I'm pretty sure the answer here is yes, because people crave realness rather than just some random quote (even though I make them look really pretty!). Oy vey....

3) The Facebook Group

I obviously haven't done much in there, and when I do post, the interaction is basically non-existent. I don't have a lot of energy that I care to put in the group, since it is still under my old branding (Mind Her Business), and I honestly just don't know what to do with it. 

4) My Facebook Business Page

So I got a large increase of likes on this page this month because I invited literally all of my friends to like my page. 58 of them obliged (thank you!). 

5) Website Visitors and Page Views

Both my number of visitors and total page views grew by quite a bit this month, especially since I did almost nothing at all on the website.

Biggest Lesson Learned This Month:

Aside from just reiterating that you have to have to HAVE TO be consistent in your social media strategy, I think the biggest thing I want to point out to you is that there are two types of content:

  1. Temporary Content- basically all of your posts to Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and wherever else you share content to a place that is filled with conversations. 
  2. Long-Term Content- The kind of content that people can search for and find even years after you originally created it. This includes blog posts, YouTube videos, ebooks, courses, and other "Evergreen" content.

As you can see from my increase in traffic this month on my website (even though I did absolutely nothing to drive more traffic to my site), putting out content that is more permanent can really pay off! Some of the blog posts that people were viewing this month could still be useful in a year, 3 years, or more! 

It is really important that you spend a decent amount of your time crafting long-term / evergreen content. It is so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of all things social media, and feel like you have to be basically screaming into the torrent of other content in order to get noticed. But the truth is, people will find you if you give them something to find. No one searches Facebook posts or tweets when they have a question about something. But if you've created some solid content on your website / blog, on YouTube, or even in a podcast (which is almost a hybrid of temporary and long-term content), then you can start to be seen as the expert that people should seek out when they need help with your topic. 

BTW- if you are looking for some great ideas on how to create amazing Evergreen content for your brand, join the Pineapple Party for free and then check out the free workshop that Jen Williams and I created for you on this topic!

Moving Forward- August Plans

So I really need to sit down and get my business more organized. To be completely honest, I am a bit burnt out over the whole thing. Sometimes I feel like I am shouting into the wind over on social media, and that I'm only connecting with bots and follow/unfollow people over on Instagram. I've had to pull my coaching clients along more than usual this past month, and I've had a lot of issues with some design clients as well.

I'm not sure if it's just because it's summer, or if it's just because I'm away from my home routine, or if there is something in the water, or what... but this month has just been hard. 

I need to gather my thoughts and regroup a bit, making sure to focus on my "reason why." This will help me to start turning down offers and projects that just aren't quite right for me and that only serve to distract me and drain my energy away from what really matters in my business. 

So, going forward, my focus will be on sharing more authentic content on Instagram, including a lot more pictures of myself and what I am working on (scary!). I will also be directing the focus on my content onto promoting my Black Friday Ready program that will start in mid-September. 

My goals are to publish one long-form post on my blog each week, and to start doing one video per week for my YouTube channel as soon as I get home. I will also commit to showing up in my group at least 3x/week until I figure out what to do with it. I'd like to just dump the group entirely, but it seems like an influencer should have a Facebook group... we will just have to see. 

I guess that about sums it up for this month. The Journey To Influencer is certainly not an easy one, and can be super discouraging and feel like quite the slog. But if you have a message to share, you can't give up! The Universe will bring you the right people at the right time- your job is to always be ready for them and to keep yourself in a place of passion and service.